Dream within a dream

Source: prettystuff.tumblr.com
Source: familycircle.com
Source: facebook.com

I woke up from the sleep,
from a dream within a dream.
No it’s not how it was in Inception,
what I went through was just deception.

It was a dream about my past,
about friendships that didn’t last.
The friends, the games, the tears, the plans…
why does time have to fly by so fast?

 Even though I am now in a different city,
I can’t help but hope if I could just go back,
if I could just relive the past…
there was so much more but I had to let go,
I had to make peace with the future I didn’t control.
When I wake up from these dreams,
I am never too happy for I am not free,
of the past that refuses to let go,
of what could have been, but isn’t any more.

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