Why we Indians need to start celebrating Thanksgiving

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It was a meeting at work that we had long ago; a very long and boring meeting indeed it was. Seated inside the glass cabin, we searched each other’s faces for ideas that had anyway decided to never show up. “It’s Thanksgiving in a couple of days,” said one of us. “Should we check on what the people from the city are doing?” The boss gave us one of his looks, the one where one of his eyes becomes smaller and the other one threatens to pop out. I had always wondered how he managed to that; I guess it’s talent or just the outcome of sheer frustration on being locked with “idiots” like us.

“Why would WE (special emphasis) celebrate Thanksgiving? It’s an American holiday. That doesn’t make any sense at all,” he replied and went back to checking news updates on his phone, which he had hilariously dropped in the men’s lavatory. {This information is totally unrelated to the post, but far too funny to be missed}

I had been thinking about this episode since a week. I didn’t say anything during that meeting even though I had been to quite a few Thanksgiving parties. I don’t personally like turkey and the lavish food spread, during this time, but it’s the essence of the day that I can really connect with. Every day before sleeping, I try to count 10 blessings of my day. So the last thought on my mind when I drift to sleep is something that I am thankful for…

1) The touching voice note that I received from a friend early in the morning, thanking me for being in his life.
2) The bus conductor who was excited to see me when I boarded the bus. “There’s an empty seat for you, usually you don’t get a place to sit, so grab this one quickly.”
3) The presents my friend gave me, just because she wanted to. I honestly did nothing to deserve them.
4) The warm water that is always there for me to take bath with in the morning.

And the list goes on…

There is beauty in being thankful. When I say ‘thank you’ to my friend for the presents she took 2,800 years to give, more than her, it’s me who feels at peace. Because when I am thankful, it’s only then do I realise how beautiful my life is.

Of all the things we want, what we want most is meaning. Sometimes you just need a tradition that somehow changes your condition.

And that’s why it is not such an outlandish idea to celebrate this “American holiday”. I mean, come on, we celebrate occasions like Friendship Day and Rose Day, this by far sounds the most sanest of them all. 


2 thoughts on “Why we Indians need to start celebrating Thanksgiving

  1. “Sometimes you just need a tradition that somehow changes your condition.”

    Yes :). I kinda feel like the whole concept of tradition isn’t nearly as strong in America as it used to be, since our society has become so impulsive and so used to just doing whatever we feel like at any given moment. And it can be a good thing to examine our traditions, but I’m not sure that most of them are dropping off for good reasons. Just noticing that this week and so happy for all the little traditions and rules embedded in the structure of my parents’ holiday celebrations.

    1. I know what you mean 🙂 As much as I used to hate following all the “customs and traditions” growing up, there are certain things that make more sense when followed the Book.

      Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you had a lot of fun!

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