Story of Goliath


He underwent a surgery a few weeks ago. He never said he was nervous, but occasions likes these are the ones when words lose their meaning. Words are light, but at times like these they are like those high beam headlights that the annoying drivers drive around town in. You don’t need them, so why flash them around?

The doctor had falsely diagnosed his condition as cancer in the early stages. Good news came when he changed doctors; but the bad news was he still needed surgery.

Last couple of days at work, he didn’t say anything. Never did I hear him say he was afraid or panicky. I am not his best friend, but as an acquaintance too, I never felt he was anxious about the impending procedure.

He is back at work; he looks happy and the healthy glow on his face puts the girls at work at shame. Did he have surgery or was his time spent frolicking in Abu Dhabi? He was walking with a limp and from his surgery, he has many stories to tell. The one where the doctors extracted fat from his bum was perhaps the one most fun.

Then he spoke about the time, when he was taken to the operation table and he almost cried. He wanted his wife to be there, but the doctors of course didn’t allow that. He was hyperventilating and they had to pump in three times the dose of anaesthesia. While he started to fall asleep, the doctors started cutting his insides.

This was perhaps the only time I heard him say, that he was anxious and afraid. Made me realise there are so many like him, who try to be brave. It’s difficult to understand why we try to be stronger than who we are, when there’s nothing wrong to say ‘I can’t do it all by myself’.

The people you meet, might not be honest all the times. They might be hurting on the inside, but will show you a different side. A smile, few words, a hug or a handshake, is all it takes to realise that it was Goliath all along who was really afraid.



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