Then she grew up

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The little girl woke up; it was 5 in the morning but she didn’t want to sleep. It was holidays time and she had already made many, many plans with her friends. She jumped from her bed and rushed out to see, the morning dew was signing goodbye to the green, green leaves. Her goodbyes were long in coming, because for her the day was just beginning.

She didn’t want to shower, she didn’t care about her hair, her dress was the one she picked up from the laundry and her shoes badly needed repair. She met her friends and they gleefully skipped the rope till the Sun told them it was time to go home. Then she went home and ate the food that she felt had never tasted so good. She didn’t have a lot of toys but she was content watching her grandma complete her chores. She lay under the sun, her back supported by cushions and face was covered with a scarf: “Oh life had never been so sweet.” And she understood very well that the kingdom belonged to little ones like her.

She was still blind to the money that was scarce, the fights her parents had and the joy that was never there. Her world was very small, but compared to the ones around her, she really didn’t care. She didn’t care whether she had a job. She didn’t bother about who she is going to marry. She hadn’t yet felt the dread walking down the dark street all alone in a hurry. She was yet to know that this world will tell you you need a lot more. What you have won’t matter, because what you don’t have is what it’s after.

She was safe… until her world shattered and she had to grow old.


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