{Snack on it} It will make sense

snack on it1
“Eventually, everything connects.”

I was talking to a friend and that’s when she confessed.
She can’t make sense of this world, where none of her plans have ever worked.

When I look at her, I feel she is hiding from the world,
and it’s the fear of the unknown that has pushed her in this dark cave.

Her tears tell a story, of times she has been so wary;
of people who walked out on her, of the times they threatened to destroy her soul.
She thinks she will never be happy,
that her life will always be full of misery.

And now when, after so many years, love is at her doorstep,
she rather step on it than let it in.

This is her story that I hope has a different ending.
Everybody is damaged, and that’s a reason why we all must fight for our happy ending.


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