(8) Paired

Source: thefrugalhomemaker.com
Source: ohhhmhhh.de
Source: flickr

When the news of the impending floods resounded throughout the earth,
Noah started to build the ark,
because he had to, and there was no other way.
Actually there was, but then here we are,
so all I can say the ark was finally made.

One of the things he was asked to do,
was get every animal, but always in a pair.
A male and a female of every living kind
got on board
the day it started to rain.


I think of the differences we have,
and one of them happens to be our age.
You are five years younger
and that’s what makes me say —
Since the day I was born, for five whole years,
do you realise that I was unpaired?

I say this because now I have no reason to be afraid.
If the floodgates open, I know who I’ll be stepping in with
through those wooden gates.

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