December was here and it was time to go,
but the little snowflake wasn’t ready and felt all alone.
White as ever it always wanted to remain,
but it was to the dark and muddy earth
it was supposed to go.

And then the day came and down it flew,
leaving his friends and the comfort he knew.
Tears were shed, goodbyes were exchanged,
few broken hearts were scattered on its trail.

Down it went, to this new place
all alone.
It’s little white heart was thumping
in its body loud and cold.
And then he saw the morning sun shine,
surrounded in this new places,
he saw everywhere and it was all white.

It didn’t feel so alone, so low, so cold,
it was just a change that he realised
he will soon grow to love.
The people he left behind,
he might just never see.
But that’s life,
and he wanted to live it and not flee.




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