Listen… Are you listening?


“When a person dies, hearing is the last sense to go…” stopped me in my tracks, not that I was going anywhere. I was at work, sipping tea, cracking jokes, trolling my sister online and in between all the shenanigans (I love this word, though I make a mess when it comes to using it correctly 99 per cent of the times) I read these morbid yet very enlightening words on my Facebook wall. Reminded me of all the times my grandfather made me memorise, quiz and then explain the story (exactly in that order whenever I would visit him) behind the poster in the living room that read: “We have only one mouth and two ears, so that we could listen more and talk less.”

Isn’t it fascinating when one realises that one of our sole purposes in life is to listen? That hearing is one of the most effective ways we will ever learn to move forward. It’s always about what someone says, what words they use… without realising it, we human beings depend on them to wade us through the muddy and confusing waters of our transient existence. No matter what one might say about being a recluse and being a one man’s army, we are designed in a manner that we depend on others, we depend on the society that we pretty much end up blaming for everything.

Growing up, my parents, to their horror, believed I was dumb. I was two and a half years old and I still hadn’t uttered a word. They got me checked and the doctors said something on the lines that ‘I am a late bloomer’. Twenty years down the lane, when the count of my spoken words could have easily exceeded a million, I narrated this childhood anecdote to a dear friend. “You know how I see it? It’s like you take everything in and in your due course of time, you give it back.” I never looked at my incident in that light. But listening to her made me realise how different and unique other’s perspectives can be and for that reason alone, how very very important it is to listen than to always make one listen.

The very random Facebook post also made me realise how important and wise I need to be when it comes to using words that have no form and size, yet can tear down a giant in a matter of seconds. Wonder what I am going to be listening to as my body falls asleep one last time, forever? 


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