He walked down the street
with a balloon in his hand.
He was a man on a mission
and he had his mind set as he hurried down the narrow path.

Work took long,
but he was doing his best to make-up for the lost time.
He held the string tight
and he soon realised his house lay a few lanes ahead.

He quickened his pace
but guarded the balloon
like it was a piece of his heart.

He needed to get it home,
there was a child waiting for it all day long.

But the gust of wind caught him by surprise,
he also didn’t see the motorist coming straight at him from the other side.
He ducked to the side and tried to steady his feet.
It was just a matter of seconds,
but that’s all it took for the string to get lose and leave his hold.

Up it flew like a ship with new sails,
the man stood in the middle of the road
with tears that streamed down his face.


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