For the very “few”


In a world where my kind kills one another and leaves them limping and disfigured for life, there are a few beautiful exceptions. Few, the very few, that surprise and elevate you with their words and actions and when they are done and when the pleasant shock wears off, you finally say to yourself — “I have seen the face of God”.


The day was hectic, as hectic as the week had been and by that I mean a lot. I was having one of those moments where I was wishing I was someone else, working some place else and doing something else. But I wasn’t. I was stuck making numerous calls and filing articles… and the stress was wearing me down, my vision was starting to get hazy and I felt a little light-headed. I was trying to make this one particular story work; but either the people I was calling busy or unavailable.

But then…

** There’s always a but or nevertheless… one of those innocuous or sometimes fancy words that you don’t realise the meaning of until and unless you use it in your life, use it to describe an event that would have been incomplete without that very “fancy and innocuous word”.

But then, amidst oceans of works and things to do, I looked at my phone and read the message… read it again, like a drowning man grasping at straws, and throughout the day, I tried to remember how that tiny little message of hope made me feel.

“I want to make it (the photographs for the article I was desperately trying to make it work) as successful as you had thought”.

This was from a person whom I have never met, she doesn’t know what kind of a person I am either. But here she was, up in the morning at 5, shopping for the necessary materials and making sure she was fully prepared for the photographs that I needed for my article.

Throughout the day, I kept thinking, “She doesn’t even know me. She doesn’t have to do this, at all”.

Those “few” people do exist. And in this very cold world, they come up with the best reasons to make you realise what true living is all about.

take4 take3


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