To the rescue

Words are light and perhaps that’s why the greatest loss of all is that of the written word going unread.
Imagine all the letters, all your messages, the urgent and sometimes mushy texts, all the post-its that you leave around for the ones you care… unread! Or worse, someone pretending to read what you have written, and then they lie about the same because they don’t want to offend you.

And that can be terribly sad. The type of sad that might want you to curl up in a ball, and reach out for your favourite blanky, but then realising that you had long ago lost the worn out piece of comfort and never found it, ever again.


The truth is, everything gets lost and many a times, is never found — friends, family and the very precious and frail, your sense of peace. No matter how expensive, how dear and how much it is loved, that little piece of home says a final goodbye and you feel like you will never get a chance to walk through its door again.

And it’s times like these when one is confronted with perhaps the greatest test — the test of being invisible and the eternal possibility of being unnoticed. You might be walking through the road that has never so busy, the sound of the gravel underneath your feet are the pieces of you that are slowly crumbling… but since you are invisible, no one seems to notice.

Don’t put yourself down, that can do more damage than the one others try to inflict. In a world full of people where one can feel so utterly alone, don’t abandon yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself, because it’s you who eventually needs to stand up and slay the dragon and rescue yourself from the tower you have been imprisoned at for so long.



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