Let it heal and be healed

Source: flickr
Source: contemporarychandeliercompany.co.uk

Scars can be like memories that refuse to heal and be forgotten with time. The scars on my body have a story of their own, a story that unravels in a world that I no longer have any access to; and like an outsider I can watch the story unfold, again and again, and even if I want to be part of it, I have to remind myself that the answer to that desperate request will always be a no. My first chicken pox mark, the surgical operation that happened on my finger, the beautiful shoes that left an ugly mark… Fun stories, sad stories, tragic stories, though-provoking stories… stories that are mine, stories that I carry with me.

“We need to stop looking for happiness in the same place we lost it”

The scab, when it appears on the body soon after the blow, can itch and irritate. Like birds flocking to their home and forgetting to see the trap that lies just a few feet ahead, one might be blinded into thinking that to vigorously run your fingers over the wound is perhaps the best thing to do.

It’s not. Your bruise will start to bleed and the pain, which had said goodbye just a few minutes ago, will come dressed in its finest and give you a loving embrace.

“You are your main cause of stress” 

Scarred memories are like those bruises. The more you fidget, the more you touch it with your fingers, the more likely you are not going to get home, just like the flock of birds who get distracted and end up getting caught in a trap, you will be caught in the world that once again you have no access to.

“Not everyone is meant to stay”

Let the bruise heal, don’t go running your fingers over it every second. Let go of the memories that hurt, because thinking about ‘what could have been’ will only leave you empty and dry. Not everyone is meant to stay, and the ones that walked out on you, or walked all over you, let them go and let their hurt leave a scar and let that scar remind you of the strength that only humans possess — the strength that saved you from yourself and made you live to breathe another day. Let those scars remind you of who you once were, of what happened and how despite it all, you didn’t let the fall crush and crumble you.

Let the bruises heal…


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