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“It’s like letting the body burn when one has fever…” I said, as we rode into the cold night after a warm hangout. “Crazy stuff happens, and it leaves us a little crazy too. We meet insane people and their insanity rubs off on us. In the beginning, it doesn’t matter. But when they walk out on us, it’s precisely then, that we see them for who they are. It hurts because despite their true nature, you still want them back. Now that you are a little crazy and perhaps a little more insane, your mind can’t go back to the old you and you end up carrying ‘their’ craziness for the rest of your ‘insane’ life.”

She listened. She always does. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we are such good friends, we listen to what the other has to say, even if it sometimes (or many a times) doesn’t make any sense at all.

“It’s like letting the body burn when one has fever; let it reach it’s highest, let it get to you at its weakest, let it rot you in its heat and when it has done all it possibly could, it will leave you.

“This person who hurt you, his memories will soon fade away too. You miss him and you want him to come back and you feel terrible because he isn’t coming back. Deny not, any of these feelings because there will come a time when you will feel nothing for him. And that’s when your fever would have finally left you.”

She listened, I spoke… In between the mess, we found a reason to laugh. The cold wasn’t that bitter because at that moment we had each other to take care of.


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