Joy of the unknown

PicMonkey Collage take2

The presents were yet not wrapped, but the joy was already all around. They aren’t for me, but for someone else, one who will soon find out. The tradition is old, but takers so few. The last time I played Secret Santa… I fail to remember when that was.

But history is repeating itself and I am glad, it usually does. There’s peace when things from the past come and give you a fine embrace; how beautiful the future looks when looked from one’s present, peaceful state.

The slips were distributed, names chosen by us all… the day is tomorrow and all one can do right now is wait, wait in anticipation and watch the surprise unfold. These are the times when I feel closer to God, when I catch a glimpse of how he works, how he loves to play Secret Santa with us all.

But patience can’t be bought or gifted to anyone in a pretty little box. And it’s when one struggles and fights to know the future, it’s precisely then that the joy of things unknown, lose their meaning once and for all.


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