Secret Santa, the light and everything in between

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage for blog


There’s something warm and lovely when you walk into a dark room to find a tree all lit up. “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it…” says the Book. I was coming from the dark and to see the light burning just gave me hope and peace that nothing in the world could ever give.

“Like it?” asked the older one. Of course I did. “I thought we weren’t putting up a tree this time. What changed?” “My plans changed,” she replied. I am glad they did because even though I was tired, I was drawn to the light, drawn to stand near it and take pictures and show them to all my friends.

Earlier in the evening, some of us exchanged presents. Secret Santa, that’s the fun little game we played a day before the world prepared to celebrate the little one’s birthday. Traditions as beautiful as these must be made a state-wide rule, imposed on the hard-selfish souls that are blinded by the every day worries.

Giving… That’s what the essence of the festival really is. Not branded clothes, glittering ornaments or swanky places to celebrate at. I hope you are giving this season, not just with presents, but with your time, patience, love and forgiveness. I hope you celebrate this season, knowing full well what’s the real reason. I hope you are drawn to its light, just the way one is when they see something pure and bright.

Merry Christmas! I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead.


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