The ending and the start of it all



The car was running smooth down the broad and empty road. No obstacle, not a single soul could the driver see as he scanned the area. He relaxed, he knew he was a good driver, so he thought he could afford to do so. He closed his eyes, thought of his family, continued to drive and smiled as he sailed through.

And then it happened, for within few minutes he crashed. While his eyes were closed, he bumped into the rock he failed to see from far. The driver missed seeing it and lived no more to see anything else.

Pride comes before fall“, says the Book through time and, every human’s fall.

But the story doesn’t end there. A story never ends from where there can be no new beginnings. This is how the story really ends:

“The more obstacles man faces, the more worthy he becomes of bringing about miracles. When you look deep inside of yourself for marvels, sometimes you find them.” (Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry)

And if you have crashed and lived to tell the tale, it’s time to show the world the marvels that are waiting to burst forth.


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