Unfinished chapters from the past

take1 take2

We got in the train
parked at the station.
Our booths were the same,
but we were headed to different destinations.

It was around this time,
the weather was cold
but people were still warm inside.

“He is cute”,
and I hope he thought, “So is she”.
We didn’t talk
but we hadn’t given up either.

Everybody went to sleep
and that was our cue.
Questions started pouring
the answers that we felt were too few.

We stood near the door, stuck our heads outside
and though we might have fallen, we didn’t really care.
We didn’t sleep the entire night,
we were busy eating cakes and puddings his mum had packed.

But then morning came,
we got down at our stations,
and I have never seen him since then.


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