(15) The ‘R’ in this relationship


There is supposed to be love, and then you are also supposed to forgive; there are times for compromises,
then there are times when you just want to end it all and cry.

I have heard the stories, I have seen lovers quarrel, but one thing I have not heard so often
is how much one respects the other.

Respect is really a fruit of love. We know that love is patient, kind and humble—not rude and easily angered.

And I respect you! After every argument, you are the first one to say, “Did I say something wrong?” You are the first one to apologise, you are the first one to do anything nice. You are not just the one with the right words, you are the right one for me. We have many differences, but it’s the respect we have for each other is what keeping us sailing in the ship of this relationship.

We accept the love, we think we deserve (Stephen Chbosky)… and I whole-heartedly accept you. I hope you do too!


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