Leaving on Jet Airways

My bags are packed…
almost because I still have a long way to go.

I’m standin’ here outside your door…
that’s going to happen at 7 am and I hope the cab is not no-show.

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye…
Not really! I am not that considerate so I am going to make sure everybody in the house wakes up and doesn’t get to snuggle in their warm bed.

Oh! Forget it. I clearly can’t go on with the entire song because John Denver is in a sappy mood and I am quite the opposite. I am leaving for my best friend’s wedding and I am “Oh So stoned” (Can you believe it, we have an ice-cream parlour in the city with the same name?! Talk about some ‘heady’ sense of humour, ha ha).

I am so excited, I want to die. But that was not the case a few weeks ago. Here’s why:

1) I paid a BOMB for the tickets = Rs 23,000 (approx $362); yep, a bomb indeed! I had booked my tickets earlier and they were quite cheap, but the airlines (Spice Jet) is bankrupt so they are cancelling almost ALL the flights; so I had to cancel mine too.

2) I love travelling, I absolutely do. But a few days before I am supposed to take off, I start wishing for the entire plan to get cancelled. The same thing happened when I was supposed to go to Disneyland, Hong Kong!!! Well, I recently realised that I am not some whacko and the true reason behind the panic attack is because I am nervous to get out of my comfort zone.

3) I need to wake up at 6 am as opposed to my holiday time of 1 pm (*feeling sheepish*) Actually, I am still not okay with this adjustment. Sigh!

4) Going on this trip also means my holidays are coming to an end. I join work the very next day and I believe I am still not (never will be) ready for it.

But the truth is…

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane…
And unlike Mr Denver, I do know when I’ll be back again.
But like Mr Denver, I do hate for it (vacation, holiday mood etc) to go.


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