Traaaaaaavel (Chapter 1): Off for the wedding


11.58 pm Someone (aka Monkey aka my boyfriend) left an adorable voice note for me in the morning, wishing and praying for a safe travel. Someone else (aka loser child aka my best friend) made sure I slept early and no one disturbed me while I did. Someone other than them (aka pest aka my sister) made sure, for 28,00 times, that I was carrying everything I needed…

Now why won’t I be in a good mood? New Year is just a day away and I have already started to open my early presents — love, thoughtfulness, concern… All wrapped in a pretty little box for me to treasure for a lifetime.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t grumpy at all when I woke up at 6 am *booyah*. But I did manage to give my self a heart attack when I realised I had forgotten to carry my ID card = no getting inside the airport = false alarm =big phew.

At Mumbai, I saw a guy who nearly missed boarding the plane and boy oh boy, how he was made to run to catch his flight. A little hilarious, but I would never-ever-forever would want to be in his shoes. What I also saw was a flight steward named ‘Perpetual’, beautiful woman with a very uncommon name.

8:45 pm: So I am at Kerala, God’s Own Country and the place is beautiful. I have already drunk thrice, crashed and started drinking again. Wow! Since when did weddings become so fun? All I can say is wedding are not just about good food, it’s also about being a friend — so blown away with the hospitality of the host family. Not to mention, I was dead surprised when the flight I was travelling with (Jet Airways) replied to my post. Wow! Now that’s something.

Hope you are all geared up for New Years!! Hold the ones you love close to you and never let them go because that’s what life is ALL about.

Happy New Year!!!!


3 thoughts on “Traaaaaaavel (Chapter 1): Off for the wedding

    1. Oh! I did. It was amazing. If you love to travel, then you would love this place (Kerala) too.

      Thank for dropping. Hope you are having a good day 🙂

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