Traaaaavel (Chapter 2): Adventure overdose

Team Bride: I have no recollection when this photo was taken.

You won’t know it, until you have done it and once you have, you will never-ever-forever want to be a part of it again.

That’s the current relationship status between me and alcohol. Never had a hangover in my life even though I am 25  — I don’t drink, but decided to drink this time because it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding, but it’s never-ever-forever happening again. Oh my goodness! The pain, the endless spinning, gunk all over and on me, upset stomach, after sometime I had no memory of what was happening around me; I really now wonder why drinking-getting high-passing out is such a big deal!

Friends, boyfriend and sister were so kind and considerate. Most of them thought it was such an “aww and cute” moment of my life. But I wasn’t feeling “aww and cute” at all. In fact, terribly terrible is what I felt all day long.

It’s 8.20 pm right now and I have never been so sure of something in life — no more getting sloshed, thank you very much. I am thankful the wedding is on January 1 because all I did today was moved around the guest house like a whale. I would have made for such a grumpy and moody bridesmaid if the wedding was on 31st.

Hope you are all doing great. Please be careful as you step out to party. I KNOW IT’S NEW YEARS!!! But trust me, getting all high and drunk is not at all worth it.

Happy New Year!
Thank you for dropping by and reading patiently my woeful account.


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