Traaavel (Chapter 3): New Year, New Place, New People, New Experiences

Wedding shoots can be so hilarious. On the other hand, the results can be equally stunning.
That’s us, all the bridesmaids, living opposite the Mental Health Centre.
Of flowers and weddings.

Weddings have a beautiful way of bringing people closer. Gathered at a villa in Kerala under the half-moon sky were friends and family wishing this one pretty bride-to-be all the best.

“Love and trust is what marriage needs to survive,” said the bride’s grandfather who had been married for more than 60 years. “Everybody has an ego problem. But don’t let it get in the way of your relationship,” said the neighbour as he spoke in halting English. And one, who spoke far beyond his years, “Don’t always expect the guy to know what you want or are thinking. Bring yourself up, support yourself and if he doesn’t seem to understand, tell him face-to-face. Don’t while your time expecting, do something about it.”

On a serious note, did you know ALL the bridesmaid were living at a guest house opposite the Mental Health Centre? I kid you not. One of the bridesmaid, who landed at the house at midnight, asked for directions to the place from the train station. Guess what landmark she gave? Also guess why the poor soul whom she caught hold of in the middle of the night freaked out?

IMG_20141231_225518 (1)


The wedding took place on January 1 at this beautiful church that looked liked some old Victorian palace. I couldn’t stop beaming and jumping around like a monkey when I saw my friend=bride walk in. Beautiful was an understatement.

The wedding ceremony was quite long, almost two hours. Since it was carried out in their regional language (Malayalam), I didn’t understand a word. Hence, I fidgeted with my bouquet and literally made it go all bald. The reception and everything got done by 4 pm. My friend-cum-fellow bridesmaid and I were so dead tired that when we got back to the guest house we slept like we were in coma.

By evening all of them had to pack their bags and leave. Their fights (Spice Jet = you ruined their New Year) were cancelled at the last moment, so they had to quickly book buses and then a connecting flight. It was very crazy and sad because we had made plans to go to the beach, shopping, staying up all night etc etc.

I am at the bride’s place right now. Except the family, everybody has gone back home. I hate when fun things come to an end, when the house is all silent, when the floor is full of streamers from the morning festivities… But this too shall pass.

IMG_20150101_094438 (1)


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