Traaavel (Chapter 4): The End

More pictures from the wedding. Please ignore the hairy arm.


I woke up to the sound of, what seemed like, a tree crashing near my (technically the bride’s) bedroom window. That wasn’t the only harrowing experience in the comfortable yet unfamiliar room. In the middle of the night, I woke up with a start fully convinced that the flight timing was 2 am and not 2 pm. But rather than checking the tickets, laziness won and I managed to convince myself that rather than rechecking my tickets and being at peace, going to sleep instead was a wiser option.

So back to the tree crashing at my window… It was actually nothing to get worried about. Kerala is full of coconut trees and people usually pick coconuts once every two months. That’s what was happening when I woke up. I wasn’t annoyed at all, I mean, how often does one wake up to such a spectacle?

My bags were packed and I was ready to leave. Thankfully, I wasn’t as sad as yesterday with things coming to an end. Go with the tide… And I had no intention of doing otherwise. It never pays to fight against things and circumstances one has and will never have any control over.



It’s 1.10 pm and I am at the Calicut airport. The place is quite small. For example, I can clearly see and hear the man, right in front of me, whose snoring is louder than life. My grand mom has some serious competition. Haha! (I hope she never reads this or I am dead)

If you love greenery, architecture, sea food, houseboats, spices, banana chips (I bought 4 kilos or 8.8 pounds)… Kerala (or the place I was at, Calicut) is the place to be at. The weather is sultry so do your research when booking your booking your tickets. One of the best things about this place is the local’s houses. Wow! You hardly spot any apartments. Majority of them live in huge houses with a front and a backyard and property completely surrounded with coconut trees, greenery and all varieties of snakesssss.


There is something charming about having to wait at a so-so airport for four hours to catch a connecting flight back home which will arrive at the destination at midnight… Who am I kidding? There is nothing charming about it at all!!!! But swimming with the tide, am I not now? My other friends had it worse, so I am definitely not going to complain.

It’s 5.15 pm now, flight departs at 8.30 pm; do the math and say a little prayer because I have a feeling I might just lose my mind otherwise.


Home sweet home. I was in my comfortable bed by 11.30 pm. Since I am not going to work tomorrow I can thankfully wake up late. Well, right now, I am kinda humming what Nelly Furtado sang some time ago: Why do all good things come to an end! Why indeed!

IMG-20150103-WA0005 IMG-20150103-WA0002


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