Dead weight

Take1 Take1a Take 2

My sister’s birthday (January 4) started with a bang.


She fell down the stairs and, I promise you, I heard the loud cries of the animal kind she squished with her fall. She sprained her ankle and the poor girl was limping all the way to the church. I, on the other hand, was busy laughing. Yes! That’s what little sisters are for.  

Well now that vacation is over, it’s going to be all about the “little things” and getting rid of the dead weight — relationships, people, habits, places… weight just taking me down the water when all I ever want to do is swim forward.Goodbye are not my forte. I am usually not at my best behaviour when one is round the corner — either I end up being insanely nonchalant or I am a crying blubbering mess.

But the truth is, you can’t always be somebody’s best friend. You can’t travel the world if parked at the same spot.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
(William G.T. Shedd)
It’s not a resolution,
but more of a concious decision.
To lead live one day at a time,

to throw trash out than let in pile.

All the best if you are or plan on doing the same!



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