PicMonkey Collage_1
Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

She was at a new place surrounded by new faces. Things were slated to be exciting, but many a times they also became uninviting.

Her flight was delayed by hours. She was supposed to reach the destination in the morning, but finally got there in the evening when everybody was mostly done frolicking.

Before her flight, she had cancelled her tickets twice. Emotions were running high and dry and so was her bank account.

Then the drinking began and she was immediately sloshed. She was covered in gunk and also did something that made her (almost) cry later on.

But then came a new day. And she tried to look on the bright side. But the universe wasn’t done yet with its quote of fright.
A day before she was supposed to fly out, the airlines called and cancelled her flight. She was shocked, she went numb; she had to get home, but how was that to be done?

Finally something worked out. She made it home, she made herself proud. She had a lot going on, she fell down, but she picked herself after every fall. She had reasons to be sad, but then she didn’t dwell on them for long; life’s too short to stop one’s merry dance.

She was ready for the coming week, she was ready to tackle the challenges as they piled on. With her head held high, she walked on… until she realised she didn’t have her cellphone, it was lost when she had piqued a minute back.


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