{ J series } #4 Connecting the dots

Source: Alicia Souza

It’s not always easy — for me it never is — but you go ahead and do it anyway. Some things in life can’t be explained and this is one of them.

I start from today, January 10. And I start with skipping two meals… I am not very happy with this idea because I love to eat. But there are many from the church who survive on just soups and juices for the 21-day fasting period. *eternity long gasp*

Everyone has their own reasons to fast. Here are some good, and also very funny reasons:

1) To lose weight
2) Because everybody is doing it
3) Because the Bible says so
4) Because the Bible says but they aren’t so sure what the big deal about it is anyway

I used to fall under option 4. I didn’t see the reason why I had to punish myself to make God happy. Why do I have to starve myself? Isn’t that twisting God’s arm and asking for a bargain — I do something, so you better reciprocate?

And then I realised — after lengthy conversations with my friends and after going through information online — that I was using way too much “I” to reason this situation out.
Fasting has got nothing to do with what I am going to get God to do for me. It’s all about humbling yourself, getting yourself away from the daily routine (it’s like a retreat but for the body) and letting yourself be. As James (4:8) puts it, “It’s all about drawing near to God, so that he can draw near to you.” I mean, most of us go on treks and excursions etc to get away from the daily routine and be one with nature. That’s what fasting does — it connects people to God.

But here’s the thing — my friend is getting cheese sandwiches to work. *Bummer*
take1a<< Alicia Souza 


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