{Snack on it} Of skies, rains and sunshine

Source: makezine.com
Source: lantliv.com

My story,
one full of pitfalls, mess and sometimes clean tables,
is what I have to show when I am done living my short life.

I try to better the scenery,
add in more colours,
make the skies clear and blue…
some days it works, on other days which are usually more than the sunnier ones,
the forecast is of cats and dogs pouring down at places I didn’t know exist.

What must one do?
Be heroic and fight a losing battle?
Or should I take it in my stride,
learn my lessons and be prepared for the assault that will never stop coming?

One cannot build what has not been imagined:
and I am going to start building even though the skies are grey and gloomy.


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