From one haircut to another

Last time, it was way back in June 2014 when I had got a “new” haircut. At that time, I was getting ready to travel back home (Himachal Pradesh) after more than 10 years. I was looking forward to a long break off from work. I was looking forward to memories that I knew would last with me for a lifetime. I was looking forward to experiences that I knew would change me for good.

Though this time too, I was at the same place, I knew I was a little different. As I went to the salon, the one I had got so accustomed to, I tried to make a list of how I had changed, apart from the physical evidence of my hair having grown like a Rapunzel.

I have found someone, I have had an amazing time with my colleagues who are more like family, I have been to places that I had never been before, I have had the chance to experiences things that I had never before — hangover, travelling long distances alone etc.

As I sat in the salon, as I watched my 6-month old hair get snipped, as I watched them fall to the ground taking with them time I can never get, all I could think was: I can’t wait for my next hair cut.



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