Traaavel: From monkey tales to the land of the ‘dam’

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(Phase 1) Wishing the plan gets cancelled

There are few days in a year where my team from work gets a holiday together, Thursday (January 15) was one of them. Hence, a plan was made to go to Nagarjuna Sagar dam, one that was duly scoffed at by our boss who felt we were wasting our time.

I have no dam fetish, but I have never seen one in my life. So, I decided to tag along with the group that was preparing for this one-day trip as if their future depended on it — reading online, researching, speaking to people who have been there etc. I, on the other hand, played the perfect role of one who drifts along with the tide.

The day finally came and the alarm started to beep like there was no tomorrow. At 5.30 am, I found myself wishing the plan would get cancelled. It didn’t help that it was quite cold in the morning. Sleep, you see was more important.

But I got up, got dressed, spoke to my little monkey over Skype and waited for the cab to take me to the next two stops where I had to pick up my friends from.

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Phase 2: En route — Songs, snacks, shit

The journey lasted for around four hours, one way. The view was beautiful, so calm and serene. The journey comprised my friends playing charades, antakshari, stopping 2800 times for the “loo-loo baby” (honourary title given to a person who has to use the washroom every five minutes)… And then there was a time when I got back inside the cab — after drinking tea at a cafe where the locals just wouldn’t stop staring at us; I was tempted to wave back and give flying kisses like a celebrity — I “thought” somebody had farted. Only to realise a minute after that it was me who had stepped on some cow dung=yuck. But, as you can see, I survived to tell the world the rest of our tale.

Phase 3: From “awwww” to “aaaaaah”

The dam is no different than the one you see in pictures. Literally. But the majesty of it all — the huge concrete structure holding back gallons of water that defines the dam’s very existence, is what might surprise you. Kinda like our human mind and it’s very many sane and twisted emotions that it tries to keep in control.

The pictures were clicked and the attractions thoroughly inspected. We acted like tourists and most of the times got treated and duped like one too. We checked out the dam, nearby water falls, Nagarjunakonda island, boat rides, went around the museum and awwed over the adorable monkeys the place is SO famous for. The “aww” soon turned to “aaaaaah” when one came running towards me.

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Phase 4: The End

We started for home at 6.45 pm and I reached by 11. We clocked in 410 kilometers (256 miles) in a day and it certainly showed on our tired, droopy faces that didn’t change even when we stopped on the way for some yummy KFC chicken. The only saving grace, Friday too happens to be a holiday for me. Sad part, I missed Skyping my little monkey who is travelling to see me (yay alert).

But as I watched the stars shine from my cab window, I couldn’t help but be thankful for a day that I had very much wished hadn’t happened in the first place. Good thing, life is not a wish granting factory.

Oh! By the way, my little monkey is just a few hours away from getting home (double yay alert).
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