Letter to you

Source: floretflowers.com

Hello there stranger,

Come to think of it, not everybody is a stranger. The very concept of “six degrees of separation” turned my world upside down making me realise that this very huge world with its expansive oceans and mountains and what nots is not really that huge to begin with.

So back to the beginning, this time I promise I won’t get distracted, hopefully. 

I realised something, like I always do and forget soon after, how much I take you for granted. I know my life is not a fairytale and I don’t own 10 swanky cars and I have only travelled abroad once… Nevertheless, I still live a happy life, one I conveniently take for granted. I know, how very very stupid of me. I am sure you are much more smarter than me.

Then there is my family — You know my cute-but-strict father, my beautiful-but-sometimes oppressive mother and my loving-but-annoying sister. I live with them and somewhere down the lane I have forgotten that this convenient arrangement (I hate to cook, hate to do my laundry etc) won’t last forever. Even after being aware of the inevitable, I continue to spend my time with them like one who’s completely unaware that time is ticking. But then again, I am sure you are doing a better job.

Guess what the post is all about? What? Nope, it’s not about aliens. Ha!

It’s about those little words that the heart keeps safe, holds on to it dearly like it’s a treasure meant to be hoarded and not shared — Words, words of encouragement, love and gratitude.

But then again, I am just a silly girl going on and on about something that you already are perfect at. You, I am sure, have mastered this art.

Yours truly,
Imperfectly Perfect One



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