{ J series } #5 Rebuild those walls

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“What do you do when you have ‘one of those days’?” I asked. You know days when the light doesn’t shine through the dark even though you feel like you are standing right under the sun. Days when the chill in the air is in tandem with the chill in your heart.

“Do something. Talk to my friend. Try to distract myself.” Another one I remember said something on these lines: “I listen to music so that the dark thoughts are at bay.”

I was having one of those days. Despite the free time, which is a rarity in my life, beautiful breezy weather and a book I can’t stop reading, my mood was, let’s put it nicely, stormy. As the fingers flipped through the pages of the Book I always run to when in need of comfort, I read the story of Nehemiah — the non-cribber, man of action, a go-getter and also the man behind the wall.

His story starts with him working in a king’s palace in a land that was not his own. But when he learns that people back home were in distress because of the walls that needed repair, he goes back. The walls were important and they needed rebuilding.

While I was going through his story, his struggle to motivate people, the discouragement they faced, the threats… my eyes kept going back to these words: rebuilding the walls. And that’s when I realised what I needed for my dark days — I need to rebuild my walls. Horde up on the good because I might be living like a king today, but tomorrow might be the day when famine strikes. I need to rebuild the walls so that the joy doesn’t escape. So, when I need it, like a bruise needs an ointment, I can always reach out for it.

These walls, made of gratitude, prayer, goodness, love, patience, faith… these walls will take time to complete. But when they are done and are standing tall and strong, I know then where I’ll be running to seek shelter when the storm comes again…
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