M&Ms (Mellow Mornings): Dawn worshipper

PicMonkey Collage.jpg1
I am a morning person, but I also love sleeping till late afternoon.
I don’t usually wake up early, but I love the idea, as L.M. Montgomery puts it, of being a ‘dawn worshipper’.

Since my work starts at 12, I have all the time to wake up early, read, just hang around and do something creative. But the reality for the past four years has been something on these lines — alarm beeps, I sleep for 10 more minutes, I realise I am getting late, I start to rush and try to accomplish every activity with little or no thought to it at all.

Dawn worshipper? More like the ‘Du-uh! Worry gets shipped for you’.

But then you meet new people and whether you like it or not (*I love it*), they start to rub off on you. So here I am, waking up at 5 am (*oh my goodness indeed*), waving at St Bernards that scare the life out of me with their hyper-excitement, smelling the roses (err, eucalyptus leaves to be more precise), walking (something I love but haven’t taken out time to do so)…



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