Lessons lost, lessons unlearned

Goodbyes… They tear you apart in so many pieces that you can never sew them back. The pieces, even when you have found all of them and put them together, can never make the picture look exactly the way it was to begin with.

I remember the time when I accidentally broke a branch full of flowers of my neighbours’ favourite tree. I panicked and ran to get the cellotape, when the neighbour, a kind middle-aged woman told me it was okay. “You can’t fix it,” she replied to me, a 10-year-old who felt that the world was coming to an end.

The flowers died, but I realised how things once changed can never be the same. Time leaves its mark, the indelible ink that sometimes can be seen from afar.

The thought of never seeing, doing or being at some place or being with someone has always thrown my mind and heart in chaos. I am terrible with goodbyes, I am terrible with moving on. And yet history must repeat again and again, though one is far from learning the lessons…



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