The dance begins

take1 take2
“Why that thing is not there…”

And with the condemnation, the dance also begins. As the Earth starts to tilt and the otherwise straight ground becomes askew, the souls knows, it knows the stage has been set for an another performance. The lessons it learnt under the bright and shiny clear blue skies, well, now is the time to dance till the heavens rise up and join.

The stage is set and chaos walks in. Like a master that knows its music well, it struts and takes everything in. The little dancer is intimidated. It had practiced for this day but now that it was upon him, he doesn’t know what to say.

The music rises and the melody breaks through the mist, the dancer realised no words were needed when it was his feet he needed for this thing.

“Don’t humiliate us. What will people say?”

The foot starts to tap and the arms stretch out like one who is ready to fly. Amidst the madness, stuck in between the debris, nothing makes sense except the music he must dance to, the words he knows he cannot forget.

Remember little dancer,
never should you forget.
The world’s very lonely,
and if you don’t believe in yourself,
very soon you will forget.
Lost in the woods,
unable to find a way out
the unknown will devour you
and because you don’t remember anymore
you will perish and die.


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