Just a phase? I hope not

PicMonkey Collage.jpg1
I always tell my friends, who are into fashion, that they should start their own blog, put up fun pictures, etc. Not a lot of success there though, yet.

While I was going through the list of influential bloggers on Fashionista, I came up with the idea to start my own. Even though I have no idea how the whole “fashion blogging” works, I care not that much. I love clothes, taking photos and posting theme. So as long as this “phase” lasts, I am just going to go ahead with it.


^^ This is a dress made by my sister. The fabric is satin-silk and it’s very soft and feminine. This is how it was supposed to be before I realised my face lacks some colour.

Viola! Mac’s red lipstick (which is on the verge of getting over, sigh!), a golden bracelet (which my sister thinks reminds her of Transformers) and a lot of amazing memories to last me a lifetime.
unnamed unnamed (1).jpg3 unnamed (1).jpg2


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