(Word a day): Psithiurism

this one
It was like finding money in the pocket of your dirty jeans right before you were putting it in for wash — surprise, happiness and a spontaneous and unsophisticated jig.

I was reading online, when my spade hit the pot of gold hidden and stuck in between the dirt — words, words that have meanings so beautiful that all you want to do is curl up in their warmth and go to sleep.

Psithurism: The sound of rustling leaves

Feel the smile spreading across your face? Feel the warmth that those 10 alphabets just gifted you, tied up in a ribbon and a bow?

I did. And I hope the same happens for you. My word for the same is “windsong”, I listen and wait for it everyday as I am waiting to catch a bus or just walking down the street.

Psithurism, didn’t know the word, but always felt and lived its meaning everyday.


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