{NAP} Mermaid dress


This dress has quite a story attached to it. My sister made it for her client-cum-very good friend. The friend needed something fancy to wear for a work conference/party that was going to be attended by people across the country. So, she approached my sister. Both of them met up for weeks and decided upon a sketch that my sister finally drew for her. I think it took her three weeks to get the garment ready.

But on the day she was supposed to give it to her, things started to go downhill. My sister met her friend at her store and gave her the dress. The friend tried out the dress and was ecstatic. While my sister was on her way back home, she got a message from her friend telling her that she showed the photos to her friend and everybody said it does’t look good. The friend, too, forgot how happy the dress had made her feel initially and instead decided to go ahead with people’s opinions.

My sister was devastated, she tried calling her back to see what happened or whether she could fix the dress and how. But the friend wouldn’t listen. She stopped returning her calls.

So, the dress came back home and since I am selfish, I asked my sister whether I could try it on, to which she agreed. I tried it on, took a lot of photos and put them on Facebook. EVERYBODY on Facebook loved the dress and they said I look like Ariel, the mermaid. More than their comments, I was happy for my sister because I am sure it made her feel good, made her feel awesome that her work… hard work was being duly appreciated.

The dress now reminds me of how we people are in general. We brush them off easily, especially when the majority doesn’t like them. How easily we dismiss them when hidden inside of them is beauty so unique that it leaves you feeling “wow”.
PicMonkey Collage2
*** NAP = Not A Phase


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