{NAP} Classic black-blue combination

I had the hairstyle in mind and I was mentally thinking about how to execute it while rushing home from work. I didn’t have enough time to get ready for the party at the Army club near my house. While my family would be dressed, I would have only 20 minutes, hence, I was thinking of ways to get ready as soon as possible.

Ever had one of those days where your hair magically and out-of-the-blue looks perfect? I was having one of those days. Even though the plan was to tie my hair in a bun, the hair looked perfect when left open. So I went ahead with it.

I think the month was September and I was hoping the weather would cool outside. It wasn’t. As you can see, I am wearing full-sleeves shirt, jeans, closed shoes, open hair… ugh! I was sweating like a pig. One of the most uncomfortable nights of life. But hey! The photos looked fabulous so it was all worth it by the end of the day. After all, fashion is sometimes a matter of one’s sweat and blood.


*** NAP: Not A Phase


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