Shut Up — Cab ride back home


You learn a lot when you shut up.
Like the zipper of your pants, when you zip your pretty big mouth.

Future is certain, no surprise there, and your plans might not have worked out;
but it’s time to wake up and face the reality for everybody is on the boat, afloat on the same water that threatens to take you down.

Got inside a cab the description of which the driver gave was: “It’s brand new, white and still has the ribbon and bow”. The ‘aww’ lasted for a minute as the mind wandered off to places unknown as the ride began for home sweet home.

He was talking over the phone while driving. That could have got me killed. But it didn’t. Obviously, otherwise I wonder who’s writing this post. His conversation brought me back to reality, it was the kind that makes one realise how petty our biggest problems can be in front of other’s.

“I haven’t slept since yesterday afternoon 12.” I mentally calculated how many hours I had slept for, it was, no surprises, more than 12. “The company was shut down for two days, so we (drivers) incurred a lot of loss. We had to make that much money in a day and because of that I have been driving non-stop. If I ever felt sleepy, I drank Red Bull or very strong tea; that kept me going.”

I wondered what had kept me going for the past couple of days… everybody has moments of desperation mixed with moments of frustration. But what keeps the battered body still going?

Clearly I didn’t do a good job at being a secretive eavesdropper for the driver turned to me and replied: “I have just bought this car, if I don’t make enough money, I won’t be able to repay the car loan.”

And he continued driving as I silently looked out of the windows.


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