Not such a bad thing

{This photo where I am dressed as Harley Quinn, Joker’s girlfriend, was part of a Valentine’s Day shoot. The best are yet to come, so stay tuned 🙂 }

Being left alone is not just a bad thing. It’s sometimes the buffer period that one so desperately needs for the video to run smoothly.

I was alone at work. I knew about this arrangement since yesterday and I had, thus, resigned myself to the fate of having a long and boring day ahead. I sound like a martyr, but I am clearly not. I was just acting like a silly school girl who was dreading being on her own when all her friends were on a holiday having fun.

But as I said before, being alone, being the starfish that washes up the shore, being singled out and made to do something new… is really not such a bad thing.

It was a retreat of sorts, I didn’t speak to many people, yet I felt I conversed a lot. I didn’t giggle, laugh out loud, yet the heart was as calm as the ocean is after a thundering storm.

Being alone, after all, is not such a bad thing…

take this


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