{Snack on it} Let’s talk…

tak1 tak2
Let’s talk about things that we don’t usually talk about.

How that ride back home makes you feel uncomfortable
but you do it anyway because you are a big girl or no longer a little boy now.

How you feel left out in a crowd of zillion
I am a master-exaggerator but then it might be crowd of 10 and you still feel utterly alone.
But you dare not say a word or the only words that will stick to you are on the lines of ‘wimp’ or ‘sissy’.

Living sometimes feels like making one’s way through a road full of puddles.
Hopping-skipping around things that we avoid because they are too messy to deal with.

So why don’t we just talk…
No seriously, I won’t judge you and neither would I try to prove you wrong.
I will just listen and you will just talk.


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