Song of the dying


It’s like world is dying… I have never been a fan of summers. Who would love to watch the leaves turn brown and then a colour that could only mean that the life is gone, there’s nothing left? Or the frown on people’s faces as they walk around in the heat not because they want to but because they have no choice.

When the temperature is 40°C (104°F) and the heat feel like a physical being wrapping its arm in an unbreakable embrace, I feel the end is near or perhaps, this is how I feel the end of all of this will be. I guess watching Nicholas Cage starrer Knowing, made me realise that I am not really deranged to hold such an opinion.

But somewhere down the lane, it kills us, you know. Not just the heat but even many a times, the bitter cold or the calm of the fall. Closes our eyes to see what must be seen and felt. Makes us hard because that’s what the circumstances demand. Stops us from feeling because that’s the best way to not get hurt.

I was on my way to work yesterday. The heat was killing and I just wanted to get to my place that was as cool as I needed it to be. But then I was interrupted. It’s good to be interrupted sometimes; when you are speeding down the road, you need that speed breaker to make you realise that you are missing so much just because you are in a hurry to get to a place.

She looked haggard, tired and so beaten down in the heat. And she needed some money. There is something so heartbreaking when people ask you for something; they have reached a point where they can’t go on any further and they need you, they need your help to get through. It wasn’t a lot, just Rs 25 (USD 0.392) and after I gave that to her, she limped away to a location that I later Googled and found out was 30 kilometres (almost 19 miles) away. It was heartbreaking as I said earlier. She looked so frail and what moved me to tears was that she was someone’s mother, child and wife. But here she was in a desperate lonely situation with no one to help her.

She must be around 60 years of age and as she limped away, I prayed that if ever my child or their children need help when they are so frail, I hope people aren’t dead in their hearts to take out some time and help them out. It’ll be a very cold and cruel world to live in you know if the only thing we want to achieve and tick mark is our selfish bucket-list.


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