A book half empty or full?

Source: lratrandom.blogspot.com

I read it somewhere a while ago that Geminis are an impatient lot. Followed by an example on how we tend to read the last few pages of the book first because reading through the entire book is not just our cup of tea. I love tea, though, and I love books. I used to read the last few pages first, but now I have stopped doing that. Does that not make me a Gemini? Well, I wonder who’s the judge of that.

When it comes to my books, I am very particular to the point that you might want to hit me on the head with a crowbar. Why a crowbar? Well, I watched a scene in a TV series and I guess it adds to the element of what I am trying to say or perhaps not. But wait, don’t be the judge of that, ha!
Here are my rules:

1) Do not fold the pages
2) You can write but make sure you don’t show your artistic skills on the pages
3) No water stains or any other stains
4) Do not tamper with the spine

And if you are thinking whether people actually borrow books from me. Well, they do. Even I am surprised that they do borrow them from me.

Here’s another reason to be surprised. Umm, not really, but you know ‘it’s a figure of speech’ jazz. My own story book is pretty much bent out of shape. I am not writing this post from above the clouds, so the book is still half empty, and let’s hope it remains that way for years to come.

It’s bent, it’s out of shape and it’s exactly like how I wouldn’t want a book to be.

Hypocritical, yes. I am that. I try not to be but I fail.

I look back and I look at instances that I want to get rid of, of people I wish I had never met and places I wish I had never left. I look back at the pages, always forgetting that all the mess has finally led me to where I am right now — still sad, but a lot more happy.

It’s like seeing but with an option of not choosing to see. The pages are missing and I don’t care. They are hidden in a place only I know where. Yet, I chose to see but I never hear, that I have gotten so far not just because of riding high on rainbows, but also because of the constant dripping rain.

I have my book, it’s always nearby. But I wish I can finally start to see all the pages that make it whole and not be bitter over the words that didn’t turn out the way I really wanted them to.


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