Looking at the bigger picture through a keyhole

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I have never been that good at looking at the aforementioned picture, the one people sometimes say it out loud so solemnly and sagely that I feel they are hiding something, a secret they know and want me to not know so that I learn a lesson that I have no intention of memorising. Ha! Joke’s on them. Take that, you stupid picture.

But then again it’s not. Since I mostly end up acting like a fish without water.

Lately, I have been feeling… like a contortionist without a heart; which means getting stuck at places and not feeling entirely awesome and accomplished about… erm, getting stuck. I have been living in the same city — even though we did change six houses — for the past 10 years. But it’s still not home, my heart’s not here. “Probably because you don’t have a heart,” my sister would have replied in a heartbeat had she read the previous statement.

Frustration is good, something I learnt few weeks ago from a friend. But one I wish I could eradicate like so many other deadly diseases out there. Like iron that’s ready only when it’s hot, the height of frustration is a catalyst for change in one’s life.

“My inspiration to invent and redesign is fed through frustration,” said Sir James Dyson in an interview with BBC. Dyson is a British inventor, best-known for his creation, the Dual Cyclone bagless vaccum cleaner. For Dyson, success came after one failed invention, remodification of a model for his vaccum cleaner that lasted between 1979 to 1984 and a period of time where he had to depend on his wife’s salary to keep the family afloat.

Frustration, frustration, frustration… wonder how many people he might have wanted to punch who came to him with a delicious serving of the “bigger picture”.

I am not on my way to create a vaccum that will change everybody’s life, but I am on my way to something, I believe that because I am extremely frustrated and at a point where I am gasping and struggling like a drowning person. And it’s this action alone, a desperate attempt to improve my present situation and do something about it, that I know will change everything.

I might not get the title of a ‘Sir’, but I’ll surely learn what the stupid big picture finally looks like.


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