Why goodbyes can be our only chance to start over


It is said that cats have nine lives. I don’t believe it and I am quite positive that neither do you.

But what I do believe, after observing many of my cat-loving friends, that the furry animal is quite an example when it comes to walking out on their “hoo-mans”. And perhaps, it’s their numerous goodbyes that lend them a new air and in this case a life, every time they do decide to come back.

Take for example my school days. At present, I feel they were the best days of my life. What I have forgotten is that I almost flunked in one of my subjects, my best friend slapped me in front of my entire school and that some of the teachers were so nasty that I wish they had never joined the school.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, wipes away the stains and makes the otherwise non-perfect picture quite lovely. Goodbyes are never welcome, but what we sometimes forget is that they are our second chance at a relationship. They are an opportunity to forget the wrong and start over with a fresh start, give the person a new life.

I am not saying turn into a cat. Ugh! Imagine a life coughing hair balls; it was worse enough for Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; how disgusting will it be for a non-fictional character?

All I am saying is, embrace the opportunity, it might be the only one you might get in this lifetime. Forget the ill-treatment, forget the fights, take time out and remember the one who hurt you in another light. Give them a chance, give yourself a little break; life is never easy, don’t ruin it by going after things that will prove to be a big mistake.

I have a goodbye coming, two weeks to go… I think I am ready, but I certainly am not. I am going to fumble, pretend I don’t care. But I hope I remember that this farewell is my chance to forget the many fights we had and remember each other for what we really are — good friends.


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