Mountain on wheels

I believe one of my worst decisions was to watch The Conjuring during a phase in my life when I was getting spooked easily, by everyone and everything.

Lizard… *dead*
What’s that in the dark? *dead*
Why is that light flickering? *dead*
Breathing… *dead* = a little bit of exaggeration

And on top of it, I decided to watch the movie when I was also going to be home alone. Even though it was just three days, I died 3,000 times.

I could have asked someone to sleepover, but I stay in the outskirts which makes it very difficult for my friends to come over on a daily basis. (Translation: They have never been home)

I didn’t ask, so I didn’t receive, you know all that blah blah thing.


I have been addicted to Lucy Spraggan’s Mountains, it’s like an anthem right now.

When an old lady comes and sits next to me
Says, “Next birthday I’ll be 83
I fell in love with the world when I was 24
I’ve lived in Mexico, Columbia and Ecuador
Sat next to the Taj Mahal
While the sun was rising
Spent a year in Australia
Chasing the horizon

So take your guitar and do what you have to do.”

She said, “I know what you’re scared of.
I used to feel it too.
You’re not scared of climbing mountains.
You’re scared that you can’t make them move.”

I’ll move them for you
I’ll move them for you

Quite powerful, isn’t it? Got me thinking about the mountains I haven’t got around to moving.

And why it hasn’t happened? Honestly, because I haven’t asked. Mountains are big, very very big. I grew up being surrounded by mountains, just like Heidi. And then I moved to the city, just like Heidi. But then nobody wrote a book on me or made a movie or a TV show, unlike Heidi. Life, sigh!

So, back to the mountain business. It’s kind of hard, bordering on impossible, if you try to move the mountains on your own.

My advice, get somebody to help you; it’ll be a lot easier, for you and for them.


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