Vibes speak louder than actions

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As a child, my friend and I would spend hours trying to catch butterflies that were found in abundance near our house. And one time, I did manage to catch a beautiful white one, until I got scared and let it go in a fright. This was followed by my friend yelling at me as the two of us chased the tiny-winged creature on our spaceship-cum-bicycles.

Like the grass that grows in the neighbour’s yard, one always feels that the other person is so much luckier than themselves. But then, what I just wrote is going to be all mumbo-jumbo if there is no grass in yours or your neighbours’ lawn. Ha! A successfully weak attempt at being funny.

I had a diary once, which had information about a person’s lucky stone based on their zodiac. Mine is pearl, even though I initially hoped for it to be a diamond. Not realising that both the precious stones are nothing but just Earth and animal poop by the end of the day.

And the real things… you know the ones that come free of cost and the ones that really make any difference… yea, I know, who cares. It’s Earth poop any day for all of us, at least most of us, or must I say, for someone like me.

As I made back home in a cab that was booked by my friend one fine day, I was surprised when the guy turned to me after I had paid the bill. “I gave you five stars.” Huh? Creep! Now where did I keep my pepper-spray? “We have an option of rating the passenger after every ride and I gave you five stars.”

As I mumbled a ‘thank you’, I could help but smile. If you look at it from the point of view of Earth poop, clearly it was nothing — there is no resale value, nothing tangible that I can show around or look at it again and again. Yet, here I was grinning from ear to ear, reminding myself that good things indeed come in small, cheap and most of the times, free packages.


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