Goodbyes are never easy

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If marriages are made in heaven, then there has to be someplace else, someplace higher, where friendships are made. They are made, they surely are, because we are the kind that would never realise on our own what to hold on to and never let go, even if it hit us smack in the face.

And I know what I am talking about because I have taken many, many, many friendships for granted.

There was this one time when I kept bailing out on a friend who really wanted to keep in touch, she is in Dublin now and I didn’t even attend her farewell party after reassuring her that I would.

Smack in the face!

That’s why I am writing about you — not only because you have left, but your leaving has given me a reason to finally put to words the realisation that dawned on me not so while ago.

You are one ‘heck of a friend’; never really understood what that phrase really meant, but that’s the only one that comes to mind. It’s funny though, the first couple of months when you joined work, I barely spoke to you and when I realised you don’t talk much, just like me, I said to myself, “I have to become her friend.”

But then there were stupid fights and disagreements, stupid really because I can’t remember what they were about. Tragic, because I didn’t see through the stupidity then. But then it helped, didn’t it? The phase where we barely spoke, after we got over that, something happened. I can’t put my finger to it… it was like our very own rehab and we got out of it brand new.

Surprising how I started to look forward to our coffee dates and how much we always had to talk about and how we would get teary-eyed in the middle of some conversation.

Now, if this wasn’t all decided before then tell me how we stayed put together? I remember all the mean things I said… how could we possibly be such good friends and that now you have left I am dreading to walk past your chair that will be empty.

Someone really worked overtime for us and I am glad they did. I don’t know when we will be seeing each other again, but I am going to find meaning in what you have been saying…

You have my word. And I’ll see you. We are not done seeing each other.



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