Words of the dark


Writing on a wall, a voice through the dark, an armour when the fight’s too hard… Faith etched in my heart, the word that I am holding on to take me far.

I don’t need superpowers to know what my future is; I just need faith as my crutches to even make it so far. I don’t need to be telekinetic, I  need an assurance that I’ll continue to have a body that I can wholly call my own.

It’s scratched on the wall, so I don’t lose sight. I remind myself to look at the letter, every single one of them, as I pass the chalkboard where I scribbled it. In a moment of frustration, I relied on the only word that ever made sense, ever.

It’s okay to be bogged down once in a while. But it’s heartbreaking to give up without a fight. And though the fight might cost a limb or an eye, I hope my faith is strong enough to last me through the merciless night.

Have faith, for it will be all right…


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