Letter to the one on an unending road

Photo credit: Rahool Singh

Hey there,

It’s been long and so much has happened since last fall. You grew up to be so different that it now makes me I feel I never knew you at all.

I see you sitting by the road, you are looking back and wondering whether the things you gave up were the ones you were supposed to hold close.

You look up to the sky and hope for a miracle to help you by. Life doesn’t feel so breezy, yet here you are battling a storm in your heart.

Your memory fails to remind you of the in between’s, the moments of weakness when your soul shined through. You didn’t write it down, but the wind carries the tales near and far. You grew up, not one single day, like the plants you water, you struggled an inch every day. There was no star to guide you in the night, but you never forgot to take a step, one at a time.

Your road leads you to a place you have never been before. You are afraid of where your steps might take you, but listen to me, for that unknown could be your ‘Great Perhaps’. Don’t keep siting there; you might be a snail but one that will finish this race. Walk on further, until there’s nothing left, don’t give up, just take another step.

Yours only,
Imperfectly perfect


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